How To Clean Carpet With Baking Soda

Baking soda has been used in the home for many years for a variety of purposes. New developments are finding their way onto the scene as time passes, and many people have relied on modern methods and ingredients for a cleaner house.

Is it advisable to remain with the usual method in light of this? There are several carpet shampooers on the market that support a deep clean. They include a variety of characteristics, including faster suction techniques and spin brush systems. All of these features are employed to improve the performance of a carpet. Most of the time, these carpet shampooers come with detergents created by the manufacturer. While these detergents are generally good, with features such as fewer harsh ingredients and odor-free compositions, pets?

Neither has to be an option.

If you leave stains to sit on your carpet for long periods of time, it can end up costing you more money to clean or permanently damage your carpets, but you definitely don’t want to break the budget. The fact that you have invested in a cleaning machine is excellent.

Cleaning your carpets yourself can be a worthwhile investment and can be cheaper than the alternative of hiring professionals. In many cases, professionals would have to be frequently hired if a home had a bigger family. Saving on detergent by using baking soda for cleaning solutions can be beneficial.

The Benefits

Before you decide if baking soda may be an option for you, understanding why it has been used for so long may help your decision. The baking soda itself is sodium bicarbonate. It has many purposes and is used for cleaning. It is usually a common ingredient in that science project your kid came home with. One of the main reasons it has become so popular in the most recent years is because of environmental awareness. Society has learned more about the impact certain products can have on the environment. This is easily shown in the state of California. Residents must go through smog checks for their car because of the environmental situation in the air there. So, now that the environmental damages have been noticed, much research has gone into multiple products available to consumers. Chemical cleaners have been proven to have a substantial impact on the ecological system and have become an issue. Many of the deodorizers in products have caused these problems, and as manufacturers try to create greener solutions, it is still considered an issue. In many cases going “green” is more expensive, but with baking soda, it doesn’t have to be. This is why the popularity has increased and why it has become such a fascination scientifically. As individuals take a closer look, baking soda is environmentally friendly! It also is great for humans as it causes no health problems. So where has this substance been all of this time? As stated before, baking soda has become more popular for these reasons in the most recent years but has been a profitable item for over 150 years. The incredible thing about baking soda is that the human body produces sodium bicarbonate for important functions like neutralizing stomach acids balancing the blood pH level.


Baking soda has many uses for cleaning around the house. It works well to eliminate mildew and bacteria in the messes places, like bathrooms. Many people will actually throw a half a box of baking soda in their toilet before bed to keep it fresh. This can be easy to do because a box of baking soda is amazingly affordable for most, coming in at a little over a dollar for a small box, which can go far. Baking soda and vinegar are commonly used in rooms also as it teams up to kill bacteria. For older non-fiberglass bathroom tubs or sinks, you can use hydrogen peroxide.

For floors, marble is commonly something that is cleaned by baking soda also. Many may use the baking soda paste with chamois. It helps marble floors glisten and can easily be wiped down with a cloth. Usually, individuals let the solution dry before rinsing, and it gives the floors surprising results.

Stoves are another common use for baking soda. This should let you know how valuable this substance is because stove tops can be one of the most stain-filled surfaces in the home. If you cook frequently, this can cause definitely create tough stains, especially if you have a white stove.

Many also let baking soda just sit there. This is a highly common method because it is known to absorb odor. It can do this, continuously, for about three months. Many post it in their fridge to help with any odors also. A good way to tests if it is still fighting the odor battle is to drop lemon juice or vinegar in it. If it fizzes, it still is going strong, if not; it can still be used for cleaning. So, your small investment can last months.

Why Are Carpets The Least Common Method?

Surely, there must be a reason why carpets are not mentioned for uses, but, now that you know the many uses of baking soda, how can it help carpets? Well, for one thing, these solutions mentioned above can provide and excellence source for a DIY project of five. For you DIYers out there, this can be exciting news, not only is it cheap but helps the environment. One of the most simplest ways to freshen your carpet a bit is by sprinkling the baking soda on the area you are about to clean. Many do this and vacuum afterward, and it gives these fresher carpet smells for guests. Another simple method is by simply adding baking soda and water together. If you have a carpet shampooer, it can be perfect for you because carpet stains can be difficult to tackle alone. You can be her scrubbing for a while by yourself with big stains.

There’s always a catch…

As amazing as baking soda can be, there is a reason it may not be used on carpets as much as other methods that were talked about. It would be excellent to think that it was completely perfect for carpets, but here are some things to consider.

Can Harm Equipment:

Again, if you own a carpet cleaner for pets stains, it can be great, but it also can get damaged. Now, baking soda is an excellent product for cleaning and deodorizing, but you rarely hear about the damage it can cause in certain situations. This can also be the reason it is not commonly used to treat “carpet” issues. If you notice, among the uses, it isn’t easily mentioned, and this issue may be because of many who have continuously used baking soda for their carpets, only to damage it. So, how does it damage your machine? The baking soda itself can get rid of odors, but then there is the issue of getting rid of it. It stays with you. For as long as you have the same carpets, it will remain there. Not to sound creepy but it will not leave, no matter how much you vacuum it. Then, while using your vacuum, it can clog the filter. It can do this because it is small but strong enough to build up. This may not happen immediately, but if you have a particularly messy home situation because of kids or pets, this an be sooner than you think. If you use baking soda for every stain on your carpet, it can damage the suction. This can be a reason many who own carpet shampooers complain about suction. DIY projects that do help the environment can help with just that, but it can cost you your investment. If the particles from the baking soda escape the filtration system, the vacuum motor can short out.

Harm Your Carpets:
Your carpets will remain stick with the baking soda residue. Many complain about the soap residue left behind from manufacturer’s detergents, but it is nothing compared to how deep baking soda goes. It reaches the carpet padding and again, stays there. The only way to fully remove it is if you, you guessed it, replace the carpet! That can completely ruin the time you thought you were going to keep your carpet. No professional can hep you either. Once the damage is done, there are no other options but to replace it.

The Final Verdict:
While you may want to save the environment, and that is excellent, there are many things to consider with baking soda. On one hand, it can be a fantastic solution, on the other; it can end up costing you in damages. How can you decide? This battle may be something that will keep you up at night, but don’t worry. Probably the best thing for you is to stay neutral. You can use baking said for so many things around the house. Not using it for your carpets may not make such a huge impact because you can use it almost anywhere else for cleaning. You can find baking soda in toothpaste! You can benefit from baking said, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be for your carpets. You have so many have so many other options! When it comes to saving money, the shift in you using a baking soda can be in other household projects. Then, you can focus on creating a carpet cleaning budget, because if you plan on cleaning yourself, it takes the time to clean correctly your carpets, but is worth it once you save cash. For those who are still contemplating and thinking about how their machine guzzles so much cleaner and they can’t spend on anymore, you can use baking soda as a filler. For smaller messes, you can utilize a sprinkle of baking soda with warm water. Then you won’t have to use your detergent as much, and you can save it for the heavy duty messes so it most likely won’t harm your carpets or machine.

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