Before I go any further, I should probably introduce myself:

My name is Alinda. I’m a thirty-something, stay-at-home mom. Before my full-time career as a mom, I worked as a research analyst at a big data management company, so, I like to think that I am a bit analytical about most things. I also consider myself a little obsessive-compulsive when it comes to being tidy.

I later found that my true calling was to raise my kids after I had my first two boys. My talents have proved useful for parenting, but when I moved to this new house, I was introduced to a new issue. My husband loves carpet.

The house he grew up in was an older build and had creaky wood floors. He always told me he hated it. Our first house we bought was a starter home and I had won the battle to get it. What was the fight over? You guessed it, creaky wooden floors. This happened all while I was pregnant, so I childbearing it was easier for me to win. Then, five crazy years later, I had two more kids. The 1400 square foot house was small for us, and it was becoming quite apparent. We had to make a move. So, we were back in the same battlefield about the house, and he won this time. I didn’t think much of it, though. I could keep anything clean. The house was brand new and full of carpet. Becoming a mom, I now knew that kids have plenty of accidents like falls. I figured carpet would be better for the kids so between you and me, he didn’t really win that battle. I was just thinking of the kids.

Then, we said let’s get the kids a present since our oldest was a little sad about the move because he missed his old friends. We got one of the friendliest dogs for them, Labrador Bow. We had a big bow attached to his color when we got him, and the name stuck. Though, that soon became a name of different mean. You see, Bow leaves little presents throughout the house for me to clean, on the carpet! I soon realized my new carpet was not going to last 10 years my realtor said with Bow’s presents. I now had a new battle, with the stains. The analytical person that I am, I began my research. This was a battle I was not losing.