Best Hoover Carpet Cleaner

Carpets are a great feature in any home. They add an extra degree of warmth, and comfort which is especially welcome in bedrooms and lounges.

However, many families choose carpets for more than just their aesthetic value.

Kid’s playrooms and bedrooms can be carpeted to provide a degree of safety, for example. Ask any parent and they will tell you that kids tend to fall, and carpet is far better than landing on hard surfaces.

And, of course, a nice carpet adds a degree of style, especially when matched properly with the furnishings and decor in the room.

So, with all of these advantages associated with having carpet in the home, it’s no surprise that more and more people are opting to have it installed. However, that also means that many of us now find ourselves with the very real problem of how to keep these carpets clean.

The big downside to carpet is that it needs to be cleaned to maintain its soft, fluffy feel and color, and it also needs regular cleaning to stop it from becoming stained and smelly, and this is especially true if you own pets.

The Best Way To Keep Carpets Clean

Luckily, there are many options on the market for effective carpet cleaning, but it can be confusing as to what the best solution is. One of the best ways to get your carpets clean is to hire a professional carpet cleaning company, but that isn’t always possible if you are on a tight budget. Most people I know who use professionals do so for high traffic areas and do the rest of the carpets themselves.

If you aren’t afraid of some hard work, then, of course, the other option is to clean the carpets yourself, and there are many great machines that can be rented or bought.

In this article, I will be focusing on one brand: Hoover. And, I have brought you what I believe are the best Hoover carpet cleaners on the market today. I aim to help you understand the options available and I will even tell you how to get the best price on these models. So, hang in there, we’re about to get your carpets cleaner than ever before.

The most cost-effective way to keep your carpets looking tip-top is to purchase a machine that can handle messesconversion

, however frequently they may happen. As stated before, carpet is great for families, especially for kids because of the softer surface. Kids tend to make many accidents and on a carpet that has repetitive stains, it can dull the carpet. Carpets are typically supposed to last years but if not properly cared for, especially if many people frequently use them, it can easily speed the wear and tear on a carpet. If you have decided to begin carpet cleaning on your own, there are many factors you have to consider. It can definitely be less expensive to clean a carpet yourself rather than hire a professional, but you have to know the correct process. This applies to everything you do. If you don’t clean your carpet properly, it can cost you more money in the long run. Many people think it is an easy process, and it you have the right machine, it can be. If you don’t follow the correct methods, it won’t. For instance, carpet shampooers can get the job done and clean stains.

If you leave your carpet soaking wet because you are in a hurry, that will leave the soap residue and wetness to soak and possibly cause mildew and mold. This can be significantly damaging not only to the carpet but the household. So, if you are going to start carpet cleaning with your own machine, then make sure you have the time to handle the stain. Another important thing to consider is to vacuum the carpet. It is good to vacuum up any degree before you clean. It can also help to vacuum after you also clean, as it can leave the carpet fluffier and show the results of the possible carpet shampoo you used. Also, clean more often. There are some situations where a stain can be in a carpet for so long that it may ruin the carpet. Carpet cleaning either by yourself, with a rental, or a professional service may not work. This is where the most damage can happen, costing you a possible replacement. Carpet Cleaning can be an actual benefit for your home. Carpets can last longer with proper care and maintain their like-new appearance, protecting your investment.

When it comes to carpet cleaners, this becomes another challenge, but once you have found the best carpet cleaner for pets in your home, it can be worth the research. To protect your investment, it is essential to find the carpet cleaner that has the most features that suit your needs. One carpet shampooer may not be the best for every situation. With that being said, Hoover has a quality product line that features different models designed for different needs. They each come with selective functions that make carpet cleaning easy. Once you have chosen the best carpet shampooer for you, it will add convenience to your chore and help with the upkeep of the carpets. In this best hoover carpet cleaner reviews, you can explore their top products and have the research in front of you to make the best choice for your home.

Hoover  Carpet Cleaner Reviews

Now I’m going to show you the 4 best Hoover carpet cleaners available right now and outline their pros and cons. I hope my post will be helpful and help you choose the best cleaner for your home. You can also check out another great brand in my bissell carpet cleaner reviews post.

Hoover F5914900 SteamVac Carpet Cleaner with Clean Surge

Hoover F5914900 SteamVac Carpet Cleaner with Clean Surge

This is one of the best Hoover carpet shampooer that has much power for cleaning stains. It is imperative to find a machine with great energy backing because many of them are not strong enough to get the tough stains that many professionals tackle. This has a 12-amo motor that helps it to produce the suction strong enough to eliminate stains. It cleans with hot tap water and carpet solution. This comes with the carpet solution and then further purchases will be needed for other messes if you choose. The Clean Surge is a technology that is designed into the machine. It basically gives out an extra burst of cleaning solution for stains that are extremely deep and hard to get rid of. It has two water tanks, an excellent feature for the separation of clean and dirty water. It can also clean upholstery along with your carpets. It has five spinning and scrubbing brushes for an ultimate clean. There is a user manual and training video for you to utilize before using.


  • Cleaning

It has an excellent cleaning capability. Many can agree that it handles some of the most difficult stains from pet messes and sugary substances. This is one of the main purposes to buy a carpet cleaner, so the cleaning aspect is a wonderful quality.

  • Cleaning tools

This product comes with excellent cleaning tools to help get rid of stains and reach difficult spots in a home.

  • Size

For many, a heavy machine might not be the best option. At 20 pounds it is not as heavy as many of the upright machines and is easier to maneuver. It weighs a little more than many portable carpet cleaners and can be stored easily.

  • Customer Help

This product comes with a video so it can be easier for buyers to set up and use the product.

  • Multiple Tanks

The clean and dirty water can be separated, adding convenience for the buyer.


  • Noise Level

There are some who say that it can be loud. With 12-ampps of power and cleaning capability, this seems understandable. So, if the kids are sleeping close by or you are in a smaller home then it may be an issue.

  • Assembly

There are a video and manual to understand use because for some it may be confusing to figure out. There are attachments that come with it that may not be understood at first. By spending the time to understand this, the tools can be beneficial. Also, the tank is smaller, so it may require more trips to the sink to empty dirty water.

  • Speed

It cleans deep to get rid of stains. This machine is best if you have more time to tackle stains. Many consider it slower than other models, but it still removes the stain well. To clean stains, users may want to go over the stain slowly for the best results with this machine.

This product actually cleans. Many have cleaned over their entire carpet with it, saying they went over spots they thought were clean only to uncover a lot of hidden dirt within the carpet. This carpet cleaner is best for big messes and can cover wide areas as long as you have the time.

Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe Carpet Washer, FH50150

Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe Carpet Washer, FH50150

This machine provides the customer with many options to help clean stains. It features spill-free dirty water tank, excellent to keep areas clean rather than defeat the purposes of cleaning with more messes. It has a function where it has forced heat air that helps to dry the area where the stain once was to speed clean times. It also features the two tank system that separates clean and dirty water. It uses a spin scrub technology to tackle stains. The rotating brush system covers 360 degree of cleaning that surrounds the carpet fibers. The nozzle provides powerful cleaning for edge-to-edge- cleaning, and it also has the excellent feature of a wash and rinse selector. The wash and rinse selector lets users wash their carpet with the water and cleaning solution, then rinse to remove extra soap residue.


  • Great Tools

This machine has excellent tools to help make cleaning easier. The cleaning hose alone is eight feet, so it increases reach greatly.

  • Lightweight

It can be compared to many portable models because of its lightweight. It is only about 18 pounds and can easily be stored. It features easy movability.

  • Easy Use

The wash and rinse technology is easy to utilize, and overall the product is not difficult to assemble.

  • Cleaning Power

This is a powerful carpet cleaner, and it fights stains with user convenience. The wash and rinse cycle help significantly to make stains disappear.


  • Power Cord

For some, it may be an issue that the power cord is about 17 feet. It can be great if a home isn’t so big.

This Hoover carpet cleaner can be great for those with small to medium size homes. It has excellent cleaning power but is lightweight and easy for storage.

Hoover Max Extract Dual V WidePath Carpet Cleaner, F7412900

Hoover Max Extract Dual V WidePath Carpet Cleaner, F7412900

Another great Hoover carpet cleaner, this machine was built to have enough power to handle tough stains. It cleans the carpet with 12-amps of power. It also features a dualV technology that creates equal suction across the path of cleaning. It offers the user options with direct heat. There are three speeds for this that include spill pick-up, gentle scrub, and power scrub. This is excellent as every stain does not need excessive cleaning. It does all of this with rotating brushes and has an eight-foot hose or extra reach.


  • Weight

It’s weight isn’t soo overwhelming because it comes in at 26.9 pounds. It has a good weight for moving around and can be stored easily.

  • Customer Convenience

When purchasing an item, it is essential to protect your investment. This product comes with a one-year limited warranty. This shows that the company cares about their consumers and can give buyers ease when using.

  • Cleaning Technology

This product offers great techniques to handle stains. It is always great to get the most help you possibly can to fight tough stains.


  • Warranty

The warranty is limited, so always find out the specifics behind this. This means that probably only certain parts can be replaced or returned.

  • Tank

Some say that after a while the tank may leak.

This product shows that it has excellent cleaning features to handle tough stains. Users who have this issue at home may find use in this.

Hoover Max Extract 60 Pressure Pro Carpet Deep Cleaner, FH50220

Hoover Max Extract 60 Pressure Pro Carpet Deep Cleaner, FH50220

The carpet cleaning machine has many quality functions. The spin scrub technology helps with 60 counter rotations, and each brush is meticulously designed to surround carpet fibers for extreme dirt removal. There is a Pressurized edge to edge cleaning system that realizes to dive deep into the stain and weaken it. There is a smart tank system that has separate tanks for clean and dirty water. The MaxExtract DualV Nozzle is a technology that pulls more of the dirty water so that floors can dry fast. The cleaning method of this machine boasts many excessive techniques to help you get rid of stains.


  • Cleaning Extraction

It is great to have quality suction when dealing with stains. It has great vacuuming technology and while it cleans it heats for faster drying. It is great to clean messes quickly and efficiently.

  • Tank System

It is always nice to have this convenience. It makes it easier when emptying tanks to have a separate clean tank a dirty water tank.


  • Cleaning Solution

It uses a lot of the cleaning solution in a short period. It requires this is seems to fight the stains. This may be something to consider.

This product provides a great clean and does so with convenience in mind. Users can enjoy a faster dry process with this design and it is an average weight for these products, meaning it isn’t as heavy to carry.

When purchasing a carpet cleaner, consider the features. These are the best Hoover carpet cleaners, and they offer consumers great help in tackling stains and keeping their carpets spotless.

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