Does professional carpet cleaning really work ?

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Does professional carpet cleaning really work ?

You always hear about the benefits of cleaning your carpets with professionals. Hiring a professional carpet cleaner has its advantages, but what about cleaning your carpets yourself? Not everyone has the budget to hire professionals for their carpet cleaning needs. In fact, statistically, a vast majority don’t. Many homes today have carpet; many have carpet throughout their home. Can you prolong the lifespan of your carpets just by using self-bought cleaning shampooers and utilizing them on your own? You may be a concerned tenant with a carpet filled apartment, wanting to get your security deposit back at the end of your stay. Or, you may be a mom with kids and or pets who has the most wear on your carpets and need an inexpensive way to keep your carpets in shape. Whatever your situation, there is one thing that is certain; your carpets need to be maintained to last the longest they can. Replacing your carpets can be expensive, and you don’t want to have to do frequently this. These are the things that should be considered when determining your carpet cleaning method. Lets see what to consider…..

1. Carpet Shampooers

There are many best carpet shampooers on the market. All feature different functions and tools to help the average person clean and tackle stains like a professional. With that being said, not all carpet shampooers have the power to eliminate stains; especially stains that are aggressive.
Stains That Many Carpet Cleaner Can Handle…
Pet stains are a common issue. Pets can vomit, urinate, and create other messes that carpets soak right up. Most pet shampooers can come with spinning brushes, as much as a set of twelve, that are designed to rotate around each fiber in your carpet. That type of precision is necessary to eliminate these types of stains. ( you can check out my in detail review article on best carpet cleaner for pets )

  • Sticky Spills

It is easy to spill juice or other sugary substances on the carpet. It can be very damaging thanks to the sugar in it as it can harden and ruin the carpet fibers that have contact. One example of a difficult spill is maple syrup. Maple syrup is easy to set and mess up a good carpet because of its sticky nature. There are many carpet shampooers that come with rinse modes that have the spraying power to add the extra step needed to tackle the stains. While these modes are made to help eliminate the soap residue after cleaning, the can also be ideal for his purpose. Using warm water in your carpet shampooer also helps with sticky messes.

  • Vomit

Vomit itself can aesthetically ruin the look of a carpet, especially if it is a lighter color carpet, but the main issue with vomit is not only getting rid of it, bu the odor it tends to leave behind. The stench itself is enough to ruin the atmosphere of a home, and it can be difficult to clean it with your hands. Many carpet shampoos are not only stained fighters but odor fighters. By simply adding them to your carpet shampooer, it can eliminate the stain. Many worry about chemicals in carpet detergents and are also concerned about how it blocks odors. There are natural alternatives to chemical cleaners. There are natural options that can help eliminate the odor while maintaining a pleasant or nonexistent smell. You want to get rid of the odor, but you also don’t want to leave your carpets with a chemical smell. There are many who also create natural DIY detergents that they use in their carpet shampooers.

  • Urine

Urine is another odor problem that can ruin carpets thanks to its acidic nature. There are many carpet shampooers that use strong suction to go deep down and pull up stains. The odor can be fought using carpet detergents, and any bacteria can also be tackled.

  • Mud

This type of stain can be challenging to clean. If you have lighter carpets, it is especially noticeable. A quality carpet shampooer should be able to clean this type of stain with a few passes. There are some carpet cleaners with cleaning modes. There can be the mode that eliminates small stains and the method that tackles more deep stains. This gives you the versatility to maneuver around the stains as you please. Tougher stains can need the full power of the machine, while smaller stains won’t use up as much energy, and save you a trip to the store to get more detergent.

  • Miscellaneous

Any type of liquid can usually be cleaned with the use of a carpet shampooer, and the results can be great. Carpets can last and remain fluffy after every cleaning. It is imperative to vacuum the carpets at least before you use your carpet shampooer to pick up any debris. There are many who vacuum after also to get that fluffy result afterward.

2. Extreme Carpet Damage

Investigating further, it seems that carpet shampooers are built to handle almost any stain. They help consumers with advanced technologies that can prolong the carpets aesthetic look and the carpets feel.
What Leads To Ultimately Needing To Replace Carpets
Professionals and those who clean their carpets themselves alike have one common issue that they cannot tackle. This problem is a carpet that has not been taken care of. Stains that sit, go deep, and implant themselves so prominently, that the only way to get rid of the stains is to get rid of the carpets. Another problem that both parties can have difficulties with is DIY projects. There are some people that clean their carpets with baking soda. Baking soda is a quality substance for cleaning around the house. Many use it for multiple purposes, such as cleaning stove tops, hard surfaces, or eliminating odors in their fridge. Though it has numerous benefits, it is still not the best substance to put on carpets.

3. The Professional System

While it can be convenient to have someone do the work for you, many cannot afford carpet cleaning. Here are some things to consider about carpet cleaning.

  • Cleaning Frequency

Those who choose to get professionals have to be devoted to the process. Why? Although the clean can be professional and have excellent benefits, it can be costly for one visit. Many have to think about the conveniences that it offers. For one, you don’t have to do the work. This applies to almost everything. To benefit from not doing the work, you usually have to pay extra to get it done. This is included in the price; the convenience of not doing it yourself. Also, there are carpet cleaners that move furniture for you. They bring in professionals to help remove household items. This can be long processes, but the buyer does not have to handle the hassle. Also, carpet cleaning from the professionals can take a day or longer to clean the carpets fully because most times the carpets will be wet. Hiring a professional is simply that, you want quality. All of these factors are important to consider. The one common misconception though is the fact that you don’t have to do it as often. As stated before, you have to be dedicated to this process if you are only hiring professionals and not cleaning the carpets yourself. Although they can bring professional results, and carpets are nicely finished, you most likely have to do carpet cleanings often. Many think that they can wait for extended periods and then get a cleaning professional. It also depends on the traffic that you have in your home, but most of the times, there are multiple people that reside in a home. The carpet can still wear out and vacuum won’t be enough. Carpet cleaners help to replenish carpets. If you are hiring a professional, you have to be prepared to pay for professional cleanings frequently.

  • Finding a Reputable Cleaning Service

There are times when you have to go on a search to find the best service for you. The hassle to search for the best option is by itself a disadvantage. There are many carpet cleaners to choose from. Sometimes, they can have the appropriate equipment to handle carpet stains, but they don’t know how to use it!

  • Cost

Of course, this was the main concern for using professionals. Cheap services are difficult to come by because of the fact that these professionals have to handle bulky machinery. This is definitely not light and is not easy to maneuver. Also, they handle furniture and doing all of the work.

Renting Carpet Cleaners

This can also be a cost-effective option compared to hiring a professional, but can still cost you a lot of hassle. Many cleaning machines that are rented are built with professional use in mind. With that being said, highly advanced cleaning systems are usually heavier, bulkier, and harder to maneuver. The person not only has to do all of the work, but they have to handle this machine within a set period, this usually consists of a 24 hour period. Going over this time frame can cost more money, and it is not hard to go over this time frame. Many machines don’t come with drying instructions, leaving carpets to be wet for most of the day. As professional as they are, they still aren’t as highly equipped as the ones used by the experts. It seems that it may be best to buy a carpet shampooer that is lighter in weight and saves money by cleaning the home whenever you want.

Final thought

What it basically comes down to is the fact that you can do it yourself. If you clean your carpets frequently, with your own light weight machine, you can prolong the life of your carpet. Many need to understand; carpets are a great convenience. They make a home comfortable and can go with most any design option. They need to be frequently cleaned. When hiring a professional, this still applies. Frequent, expensive, visits will have to be conducted. Are you prepared to pay this much? This is the question you should ask yourself. It does not have to be all one way, however. You can utilize professional services obviously, but you don’t have to use it as frequently if you can clean your own carpets. Many people get their carpets professionally cleaned for high traffic areas. It depends on your home situation. To completely cut costs, there is no reason you shouldn’t be able just to clean your carpets yourself and save. Purchasing a cleaning machine can have significant results. It is an investment time when you choose to clean your carpets yourself, but it can be worth it why you have more money in your wallet.

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