The Best Way to Clean Carpets; A Guide For Pet Owners

Carpets have their perks. They’re soft, add warmth to a home and are aesthetically pleasing. However, having said that, they can be a magnet for dirt, and, for most of us, that’s just something you have to live with.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Don’t worry because there are many ways to keep your carpets looking brand new every time you walk through the front door. You also won’t have to stress as much over preventing accidents on your floor, especially if you have a pet because messes are bound to happen.

Here are some different ways to keep your carpets clean.

Ways To Clean Carpet Stains From Pets

Pets are wonderful household friends. Their company is always usually a treat, and you adore your four-legged friend. When it comes to messes, though, it can be a hassle handling their messy nature. Now let’s move on how to clean pet stains from carpet.

1. Carpet cleaning with a machine…

  • While on a budget

There are multiple types of carpet cleaning machines out there that can provide efficient cleaning techniques to make the job easier. Many are built with quality in mind and consumer convenience. Some of these qualities can include durability, lightweight features, and extra cleaning strength. Usually, these machines are regarded as not as significant as other professional tools. Keep in mind that while these machines are made to comply with the needs of most consumers and this may require them to be lighter in weight. Professional tools are much more complex and aren’t as maneuverable, so this was also a part of the building process when these were made. They still are efficient when used properly and maintained. They can quickly eliminate and brighten stains, and many use them frequently to have easier cleaning jobs. Carpet shampooers can tackle pet stains with an extensive list of functions and benefits for the user.

  • More for professional results

There are professional machines that are available on the market for purchase. These carpet cleaners are built to a higher standard in mind, and other professional machines. They have these professional qualities while maintaining some convenient components of the commercial upright cleaners explained above. It’s kind of like if an upright and a professional carpet cleaning technicians machine had a baby. While these can give excellent results, they may not always be the most necessary option. Cleaning your carpet frequently will prevent the need to have such power. The most concerning quality of these cleaners is the price. Everyone’s budget is widely different, but more people will most likely be able to afford an uprights machine. Many wonders if an upright would handle their carpets and it can. The professional commercial machine is built to use on the severe stains. At the same time, uprights can handle this. Also, it just depends on what model you purchase. Uprights are significantly cheaper and can still be used correctly with the right technique. While using uprights, you can not let stains sit for too long. Then again, this goes with every type of stains and any kind of machines you use. The most imperative thing to consider about the commercial, professional tools is how dirty your carpet is and how often does it get this way. ( You may like to read Bissell carpet cleaners reviews article )

2. Cleaning Carpet With Shampoo/Solution

When it comes to using carpet shampoos, many have mixed feelings. While these carpet shampoos can be excellent for cleaning pet messes and solving the odors that come along with it, many wonders about the chemicals used to clean those stains. Carpets need maintenance, so an individual must decide quickly if they choose to use a carpet shampooer from a manufacturer. Some things to consider about carpet shampooers made from the manufacturer is that usually, they come with the carpet shampooer. This can be a sample size or a value size. Either way, you can try out the carpet shampoo and decide if it works well for you and the pet stains you have to tackle. One thing is sure, though, all carpet shampoos leave some type of residue. There are carpet shampooers that have rinse cycles that make it easier to wash away the soap residue, but no matter what there will always be some left in the carpet padding. This may happen, but it is still imperative to dry the carpets thoroughly. Many quality carpet shampooers can have drying cycles that help speed the time it takes to dry the area that was rinsed. If these are qualities that you want, it is essential to look for them in your ideal carpet shampooer. Another thing to consider is the chemicals in these detergents also extract stains on carpet fibers better than other methods, meaning that the stains are better eliminated. The dirt gets agitated from the chemical, and this helps with a deeper clean.
Now, with all that being said, there is an in between, just like uprights and hiring professionals. Users can shop for more natural carpet detergents. In many cases, families can have more sensitivities to certain detergents with chemicals, so this may be a great option. It can give busy cleaners convenience and a more natural approach. Can these natural pet shampoos handle the stains? Many have agreed that more natural options of detergents can eliminate stains. These shampooers have are made without harmful chemicals and are made to remove odors. With children and pets in mind, they don’t leave a chemical smell and can have your carpets looking bright and fresh.

3. Cleaning Carpet With Home-Remedy

For those who want to go completely natural and know every ingredient that goes into their carpet shampooer, the DIY method can also be a solution for you. Many do the DIY method simply for this reason and get great results from it. A lot of methods involve using vinegar with a mixture and using in combination with the carpet shampooer. These methods are great because you know exactly what is in your detergent, and it can be less costly depending on the ingredients you use. It is always important to vacuum before you start to clean with any process, some vacuum after they have cleaned the stain also. The one drawback for those who use this method is the amount of time it makes take to utilize it. For those who have busier schedules, they may have to take the time to do this. There are some methods that involve using baking soda. While baking soda is known for its exceptional cleaning properties, it is probably not best for your carpets. Baking soda not only leaves a residue but sits in carpets padding until the day the carpet is removed. It also can clog a carpet cleaning machine.
The Best Way Is…
Your way! When all is said and done, you have to handle the carpet cleaning situation. As long as you follow certain tips on how to maintain your carpet, you should be able to extend the quality of your carpets. Carpets are to be frequently cleaned. This means, if you plan to hire a professional, they will tell you the same thing. Their professional results will only last so long. Those who clean with carpet shampooers save money because they clean more frequently. The fact that you have chosen to DIY carpet cleaning period is enough, and now you can utilize the benefits of being able to clean on a moments notice. You aren’t going to call a professional every time your pet has an accident; that would cost you a fortune! Carpet cleaning with a carpet shampooer offers you versatility, as you can use your DIY detergent or brand manufacturer cleaner to eliminate stains when you want(hopefully immediately after the stain), and where you want on your care tips!

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